Coffeebrands is all about offering the best espresso one can get. Each store specializes in delivering a perfect coffee cup while offering an unparallel wide range of high quality coffee products, beverages, soft drinks, sandwiches and deserts in very competitive pricing. The stores quality design and structure offer a pleasant and comfortable ambience for in-store consumption or take away.


Each Coffebrands store offers exclusively the Coffeebrands products which have been thoroughly designed to provide the base of the perfect beverage in terms of quality and unique taste.

The initial investment for a Coffeebrands store the size of 40-60 sq.m. is €45.000-€50.000 (In Greece) and includes the structuring, furnishing and equipment to jumpstart your business.
The Entry fees are among the most competitive on the market and for a limited number of shops in Athens they are forfeited and replaced, under conditions, with a special financing program.

There are no periodic fees, such as royalties and marketing fees.


Starting you own Coffeebrands business is a low cost-low risk-high yield investment with ROI in about 12-18 months. Our know-how across a vast Coffebrands network of more than 100 stores worldwide as well as the high quality exclusive Coffebrands products and materials we offer enables us to provide detailed and thorough assistance and training to our network while maintaining the excellence level in delivering espresso.
In addition, the architectural design of the stores and our marketing support provide a real market edge, making each store a leader.


If you would like to become a franchisee or find out more about how you can join our Coffeebrands network enter the link below to fill in your details.

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