Coffeebrands happened because we share the same passion for a unique coffee experience! With a love for quality coffee, in 2009, he opened the first Coffeebrands store. Far from the shopping center, in an alternative area of the city of Patras, the first meeting place for coffee fans was created. Famous coffee brands, semi-professional equipment for coffee production at home and in the office, but also the opportunity to enjoy premium coffee and fresh snacks while shopping, have developed Coffeebrands into much more than a coffee boutique.

Just a few months of operation of the first store were enough for coffee lovers to make Coffeebrands a favorite destination for coffee, snacks and more! Coffee-lovers visit their own Coffeebrands to enjoy an experience that takes them to a place that feels like home.

A year before the first Coffeebrands store was opened, a second one was created, which was also received with great enthusiasm.

Today with stores in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Serbia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and with a development dynamic supported by Coffeebrandisti in every neighborhood of the world, we offer much more than a coffee.

Megisto Blend

Megisto, espresso is the result of a long search and is exclusively available at Coffeebrands coffee shops.

Select beans of different origin and processing, from different latitudes of the equator, are combined to create the Megisto blend.

We have selected varieties that create a full bodied, intense in flavor, with hints of nut and citrus fruits and low acidity blend.

Megisto is also available in filter, greek, instant and cold brew.


Enjoy Coffeebrands your way
Enjoy Coffeebrands your way



Megisto Blend
Megisto Blend